Skip the Ticket line at HamFest 2023

Remember the loooong lines last year to purchase Fest tickets? Skip right to the front this year by ordering your tickets online. After last year’s record turnout, we’ve worked on improving our day-of-Fest traffic flow, but you can skip the line and get right into the Fest with your electronic tickets.

For those of you who still want paper tickets, remember that we need to receive your order by NEXT Friday, March 10th, to insure that we can get your tickets back to you in time using the self-addressed stamped envelope you provide. Missed the deadline, or need to add an extra ticket at the last minute? Order tickets online and get them via email in mere seconds.

Hate the fuss of self-address stamped envelopes and the agony of having to wait forever to get your stuff back, but still want to order a table or tickets? Put the paper form down. Order it it online. Check your email. Done. And, while there is a convenience fee on credit/debit cards to cover the PayPal charges, it’s still way cheaper than two envelopes and two stamps.

Forgot your tickets at home? If you can bring up your email on your phone, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone as your eTicket! We can scan right from the phone, so you don’t even need to print anything!

Get your tickets at !

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