HamFest 2023 update: tables are going quickly, reserve now!

We are excited to announce that we’ve just crossed the halfway point with vendor table reservations, so if you’re considering bringing in your collection of ham finds that you’re hoping to pass along to a new home, it’s time to get moving! Use our online reservation and ticketing system to reserve yours now!

Our system let’s you pick exactly where your table will be! Want a table near the food? Or over by Club Corner? YOU choose where your table of soon-to-be-discovered finds will be located, right from the map, and your table is reserved instantly. No hoping for table #4 and finding that NO9B already got there before you! Click, buy it, and it’s yours.

Tables are still a steal this year at $15 each for an 8 foot space, meaning that you’re typically money ahead after your first successful sale. When you order your table, be sure to add enough tickets for your crew, as a ticket is required for each person. Need to add an extra ticket at the last minute? Order tickets online and get them via email in mere seconds.

Don’t let another table take away the perfect table: reserve your table now at https://www.W9MQB.org/SwapFest !

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