Equipment available

At last night’s meeting, our club treasurer, Bob (N9ATB) announced that we’ve been asked to help find new homes for some equipment. If you have any interest in the items below, either drop an email to or contact Bob directly.

Here’s what was listed (with my apologies if I got any of the model numbers wrong!):

  • Astron RS-20M: The Astron RS-20M is a 13.8VDC Linear Power Supply with Meters and Anderson Power Poles, 20A Peak, 16A Continuous output.
  • ICOM IC-2350H: The Icom IC-2350H is a dual-band 2M / 70cm mobile radio and includes a HM-95 DTMF hand mic and OPC-346 DC power cable.
  • AST Audio EMCPU1-06 Speaker Set: Stereo powered desktop speakers
  • Realistic CB Radio: Operates on 40 unlicensed channels on the CB band.
  • ICOM IC-T2H: The Icom IC-T2H Sport is a single band 2 meter H.T. with up to 6 watts output power, which also receives ten weather channels. Includes BNC flexible antenna and BP-194 battery case which takes eight AA alkaline cells to power the unit. Size is 2.3 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches 14.8 oz (58x141x33mm 420g).

Drop the club an email if you are interested in any of the equipment.

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