HamFest 2023 was a great success!

A special thanks to all of you that gave up your time on a brisk Wisconsin Sunday morning to support Amateur Radio in south central Wisconsin by attending HamFest 2023. Our official numbers have just been confirmed by our Fest Audit: our final tally indicated that we sold 86 tables with 396 people attending the Fest. I’m gathering numbers on testing but, when I popped my head at the window, there looked to a good group of you working to level up or become a new ham, which I find totally encouraging. While about 80 people less than the record-setting attendance for 2022, this is above average for our pre-Covid years so we are VERY pleased by the turnout.

We’re interested to hear what your experience at the Fest was like, so we’ve set up a Survey to hear from you. If you’d like to give us your view of what was good and what we should work to improve next year, use this link: https://www.W9MQB.com/Survey/?id=HamFest2023.

We are grateful beyond words for your partnership, and are looking forward to applying what we learned to make 2024 even better. Block out the date on your calendar– March 17th, 2024 — and start the count down until we’re back to do this once more!!!

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