Isn’t Wisconsin good at helping us stay flexible and open to change? By dumping snow on us when we least expect it? Yeah, sorry, that’s all the optimism you’ll get from me until the driveway is cleared!

Yes, it’s rare to hear to hear me tell you NOT to come to a TCARC meeting but, thanks to the incoming snow, the Foster Library announced that it was closing an hour ago, so we will NOT have a club meeting tonight. Yes, that’s correct: NO CLUB MEETING TONIGHT.

We’ve arranged for the upstairs meeting room next Tuesday, January 16th, at 6:30 pm, so same plan, just a week later.

Since some of you may have conflicts that prevent you attending the delayed meeting date, so here’s your chance to have your voice heard. First, we will discuss the Club’s activities for the year, including SwapFest, Field Day, Elections, Audit and more. If you’d like to serve in one of those roles, send an email message to the Club email (“TCARC (at) W9MQB.com”) with the events/activities/duties you’d like to be part of, and we’ll make sure you are included.

As important, if you wish to weigh in on the changes to the Club Constitution and By-Laws, you can download a copy of the suggested changes here. If you won’t be able to make the rescheduled meeting, and wish to vote to accept or reject the changes we discussed at our last meeting, simply create a new mail message to the Club email, copy the ballot below into the body, fill in the information, and send it. We need two-thirds of our total membership to approve the changes, so it’s important for us to hear your thoughts, either in-person, or in advance of next week’s meeting.

Here’s the ballot form:


I, (print name)_____________________________, certify that I am an active member of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club, Inc. and hereby submit my vote on the proposed Constitutional changes:


_____ I vote AYE to approve all of the proposed changes listed below.
_____ I vote NAY to reject all of the proposed changes listed below.
____ I wish to vote for each of the proposed changes individually, as shown for each item listed here: __ 1 | __ 2 | __ 3 | __ 4 | __ 5 | __ 6 | __ 7 | __ 8 | __ 9 | __ 10 | __ 11 | __ 12 | __ 13 | __ 14 | __ 15 | __ 16 | __ 17 | __ 18 | __ 19 |

If you choose the last option, just indicate if you are voting for or against each item. If we receive your vote by 6 PM on Tuesday, we’ll include it in the tally, under the terms of the old constitution.

Again, NO CLUB MEETING TONIGHT, but now a week from tonight, next Tuesday Jan 16th in the UPPER meeting room!

See you next Tuesday!

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