It’s finally here! HamFest 2023 is tomorrow!

After sludging our way through a Midwestern winter, an dreaming of better SWR days to come, even the sturdiest Ham will need some encouragement and fun… and the Tri-County Ham Fest starts tomorrow to give you just that!

We’re selling out the last tables online right now, so expect to find table after table after table of ham radios to cover every band, antennas, connectors, tuners, books, vintage equipment… heck I don’t have the space to describe everything, since we’re filling 12,000 square feet of the Activity Center with vendors bringing in even the stuff you didn’t remember you needed! On our new SwapFest page (, you can point to a table in your favorite browser and find out what they’ve announced they are bringing!

Want to learn about becoming a ham? Are you already licensed, but is it time to jump onto the upgrade path? Local clubs will have information out about Club meetings and opportunities to increase your knowledge and bring your amateur radio craft. to new heights.

Doors open at 8 AM. Visit the club food area and we’ll greet you with hot coffee and donuts to power up your treasure hunt.

Still need tickets? Avoid the line!! Purchase tickets online at, bring the email message with your ticket (or a printout), and you can skip the line and head right into the Fest. You want fast and easy? It doesn’t get much better than this.

And, just to thank you for supporting Amateur Radio in the Jefferson, Walworth, and Rock County WI area, we’ve assembled a MASSIVE list of door prizes. We have nearly $1,000 worth of prizes we’ll be giving out including: $25 HRO gift certificates, five $100 gift certificates for Alpha Antenna, an HT, books, and tons more.

If you purchase your ticket online, you’re already entered. If you but your ticket at the Fest, make sure you stop at Table 93, just inside the entry doors, with your ticket to get entered into the hourly drawings! Keep an ear open for the hourly announcements or drop by Table 99 to check out all of the goodies. We’ll be giving out this cool stuff between 8 AM and noon, so hang around to increase your chances of winning something very cool!

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